PULSAlink - Graph is a simple tool used to plot data retrieved from MicroVison EX controllers in the CSV format. The export utility saves probe and relay data as image files for inserting into other applications..

Notes for PULSAlink – Graph

  • For the graphing tool to work with the data log output from the MicroVision EX the original file must remain unmodified. Do not save CSV files from the controller using Excel or other spreadsheet application.

  •  Rename files from the controller using Windows Explorer and not the “Save” or “Save as” function in Excel.

  • CSV Files from the controller that have been changed cannot be opened by PULSAlink Graph.

There are three files required for the program to operate and all three files must be in the same directory on your system in order for the program to run.


System Requirements:

Operating System Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
Hard Drive Space 20 MB total hard drive space
RAM 256 MB DDR3 RAM Minimum
Processor Intel Pentium Duo E2200 (1M Cache, 2.20 GHz) or greater 
Software Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5+.



Title File Size

PULSAlink Recommended Software Update (Models purchased before April 2, 2018) 

PDF - 437 KB

PULSAlink Recommended Software Instructions  

PDF - 21. KB

PULSAlink Graph Instructions

PDF - 465 KB
PULSAlink Program Files zip ZIP - 308 KB
PULSAlink Data Log Technical File PDF - 44 KB

MicroVision EX and PuLSAlink Network Security Outline

PULSAlink Administrator Set Up

PULSAlink Activation




Communicate with your controller via modem to minimize service time, remotely check readings, change settings, gather and chart history, and receive notification of alarm conditions.

Simplified Interface

The operator can make remote changes via the computer, just like standing in front of the controller.

Service Reports

Take service reports to the next level. Review system parameters and performance by charting any sensor or auxiliary 4-20mA input history.

Data Collection

The data collection screen allows you to identify key data like hardness, molybdate, phosphate, or any other manually entered readings useful for record keeping and graphing.

New In Version 2.12

  • Data Download Functionality Enhancement

System Requirements:

Operating System Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Hard Drive Space 10 MB total hard drive space
RAM 8 MB Minimum
Software All supporting files must be installed on target drive.


Title File Size
Pulsaworks Software v.2.12 ZIP - 3.1 MB
Pulsaworks Manual (English) PDF - 1.2 MB