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Field Help / Technical Bulletins

Tools to help you with your current Pulsafeeder purchase or help in decision making for a new Pulsafeeder product purchase.

Metering Pump Assistance

Pump Selection, Installation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance Guide. Pump Guide

Chemical and material compatibility Chemical Resistance Guide

Two solutions for dosing out-gassing chemicals. Degassing Heads and Five Function Degas Valves

Benefits of using a Pulsation Dampener. Pulsation Dampener Benefits

KOPkit and Peristaltic Tube Replace Best Practices. Tube Replacement Best Practices


How to make a DIY tool for stretching XP tube. XP Tube Tool


Start-Up and Prime Guide assist in the Start-Up of a PULSAtron pump and the breakdown of different valves. Quick Start Guide

Troubleshooting PULSAtron Pumps. Troubleshooting PULSAtron Pumps

PULSAtron Series MP and E+, 4-20mA Input Functionality. 4-20mA Functionality

Draw down pump calibration. Pump Calibration

How to Eliminate Flow Error on PULSAtron Series MP. Pulsation Series MP Flow Error

How to rotate a pump head Rotating a Pump Head for Wall Mounting


VFD Electronic hook ups and programming. VFD Programming and Connections. 
VFD Power Single Phase to 3 Phase Wiring Connection.

Controller Assistance

What is a Cooling Tower explains Cooling Towers and Pulsafeeder Controllers. What is a Cooling Tower?


How to clean and calibrate the Pyxis- PTSA probe. Cleaning and calibating PTSA probe 

Florescence Probe Installation and Setup. Florescence Probe 

How to change a temperature compensated probe to a non-temperature compensated probe. Changing probes 

Corrosion sensor wiring and calibration instructions. Corrosion Sensor 

MicroVision EX

MicroVision EX Main Board Replacement Instructions Instructions MicroVision EX Board Swap

MicroVision EX Static IP Address Set Up Instructions Static IP 

MicroVision EX Snubbers what are they? MicroVision EX Snubbers

MicroVision EX, Fluorometer Pyrenetetrasulfonic acid, tetrasodium salt (PTSA) Probe Calibration PTSA probe calibration

MicroVision EX, Troubleshooting pH & ORP Installations pH & ORP Installations

MicroVision EX Software Version Software version by model number.


Managing Groups in PULSAlink Assigning Groups

PULSAlink Graphs On Demand 

PULSAlink Reports Reports update

MicroVision EX and PULSAlink Network Security Outline network security parameters

PULSAlink, MVEX Connectivity Installation. Connect PULSAlink to MicroVision EX

PULSAlink internet access information. PULSAlink interfacing with network

PULSAlink activation included on controller at time of purchase PULSAlink activation included

PULSAlink activation purchased separately PUSAlink activation separate purchase

PULSAlink how to change the data log interval PULSAlink data log interval

PULSAlink graphing downloaded data release after 9/30/16 PULSALink graphing

How to set up forwarding of data to H2tronics. H2tronics forwarding