Car Wash

Pulsafeeder products offer the perfect solution for maintaining concentrated solutions in car wash systems and also blending applications in automotive manufacturing processes.

Car Wash Application

Car and Truck Wash Chemical Dispensing (Soaps, Waxes, Rinses)

Do you require a pump to?

  • Pump multiple chemicals
  • Start and Stop Frequently
  • Need Adjustability 

With Pulsafeeder’s Chemical Injection Pump you will get a diaphragm based positive displacement pump capable of handling various soaps, waves, and rinses. You will get a pump that can start and stop frequently, and the ability to adjust it.

Pulsafeeder’s PULSAtron A + Series meets these requirements. 

  • Proven design with over a million units sold worldwide
  • Designed for easy maintenance. Our KOPkits provides the recommended service parts.
  • Precise to minimize excess chemical usage.

Pulsafeeder products offer the perfect solution for maintaining concentrated solutions in car wash systems and also blending applications in automotive manufacturing processes.

We have all used an independent car wash from time to time to make our car look great.  Out of convenience taking advantage of a car wash at a gas station is always a welcome site. The one thing we may not have thought about is how the process works and what type of technology is dispensing the cleaners, foams, and waxes.  Car Wash equipment manufacturers have utilized Solenoid Metering Pump Technology to precisely dose these chemicals into the car wash process.  

In a batch style or tunnel type car wash the goal is to have each vehicle leave looking like it just came off the showroom floor. Each style of car wash provides the user options to select the desired type of wash, from basic to ultra shine; in each category the result for each vehicle is an experience that provides a spot free and dry car. In a tunnel style car wash the cycle starts when the customer pulls up to the entry of the car wash and aligns the front tire in the pulley system, which moves the car from one end to the other.  In this process the norm is to use high pressure guns to pre-spray a cleaner that will react with the dirt on the car for ease of removal. As the vehicle moves to the 2nd stage of the wash there is a pre-rinse, 3rd stage is a foamer that is sprayed through nozzles and sticks to the body and windows of the vehicle. The next stage can be a brush or the long strands that the vehicle goes through to provide a mechanical means of cleaning the vehicle. In this stage the car may go through the undercarriage cleaning via high pressure nozzles. The 4th Stage is a final rinse, wax, and tire shine if you chose that option(s). The 5th and final stage is blowers to dry the vehicle.

The PULSAtron Pumps are energized by the control system to precisely dose the cleaner, foam, wax, and tire shine agents through the car wash process. Each Car Wash has an equipment room that uses an array of technologies to dose the chemical agents into the process.

These agents are normally stored in 55 gallon drums and the chemical feed pumps are mounted on top of the tank creating a suction lift application. The PULSAtron Series chemical metering pumps are an excellent choice, providing reliable performance to meet the owners' expectations every time.  This technology provides benefits including precise metering and low life cycle costs.

Pulsafeeder is a Manufacturer of Chemical Metering Pumps that precisely dose the required amount of foamers, cleaners, and wheel shiners to enhance the customers overall Vehicle Wash experience, The precise dosing of these car wash chemicals coupled with the low life cycle costs of Solenoid and Mechanical Motor Driven Pumps will provide the owner a great value and more importantly a very attractive return on their investment. The precision dosing from low to peak times of operation provide the owner with a sense of confidence that the pumps will provide the required amount of chemical for fantastic results for each and every vehicle that goes through the vehicle wash. Providing a service that boosts the overall experience for the owner, customer, and more importantly the vehicle that looks like it just came off the showroom floor.  Pulsafeeder’s Chemical Metering Pumps also can be used for precisely dosing chemicals to treat reclaimed water or wastewater prior to discharge to the City.

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