Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Pulsafeeder manufacturer’s solutions for automating chemical injection into pools and spas. Pumps to inject pH adjusters, chlorine, muriatic acid, and corrosion control instead of manual addition.

Pulsafeeder products offer an affordable solution for chlorination, pH control and more for pool and spa applications.

A good portion of the equipment purchased is chemical metering pumps for the injection of chlorine. Chlorine is a sanitizing agent (disinfectant) that is used to eliminate viruses and bacteria in swimming pools, both residential and commercial.

  • Calcium hypochlorite - in powder or tablet form
  • Gaseous Chlorine - industrial gas supplied in cylinders
  • Sodium hypochlorite - a liquid that is commonly known as bleach

Commercial pools and spas are usually regulated by municipal health departments and require minimum chlorine residuals to meet standards. Maintaining the proper pH of swimming pool water increases the effectiveness chlorine and prevents degradation of pool surfaces and associated equipment. The pH level in water largely impacts how the water will affect chlorine levels (expressed in PPM), equipment and bather health. And in swimming pools, low pH can be corrosive to plaster surfaces and high pH water can cause scale to form and decrease the effectiveness of chlorine.

When balancing pool water chemistry, industry standard dictates the measurements of free chlorine, pH and alkalinity. Typically, pH (7.2 objective) can be controlled by injection of muriatic acid. If the pH is too high, increase the feed rate of the acid. Chlorine is injected to achieve the required standard of 3PPM and alkalinity can be increased with the addition of baking soda. There are two schools of thought when it comes to injection of chemicals: positive displacement diaphragm and peristaltic metering pumps. Positive displacement metering pumps are more accurate but require de-gassing wet end heads. Peristaltic are better on gaseous solutions but are labor intensive. Pulsafeeder is the only manufacturer in the state of Florida that offers customers both options:

Series C+ Solenoid Driven Positive Displacement Benefits:

  • Accuracy – offers both manual stroke and speed control
  • Guided Check Valve - seat & ball design to prevent loss of prime
  • Rated Hot for Continuous Duty – ability to operate for long periods of time
  • NSF 61 Certification – PVDF and de-gassing certifications
  • Wide Variety of Wet End Materials – insures chemical compatibility
  • De-Gassing Wet-End – gaseous chlorine applications<
  • Water Resistant – for outdoor applications
  • Circuit Protection – prevents electrical failure due to voltage spikes
  • Few Moving Parts – long life, guaranteed free of workmanship defects for 2 years
  • Widely Available – local authorized Pulsafeeder distributors

Mec-O-Matic Dolphin and Series XP Peristaltic Pump Benefits

  • Ability to Pass Gaseous Liquids – bleach and slurry solutions
  • Dispense Low Volumes of Liquids – programable, with timer options
  • Self-Priming – push button for quick start up
  • Quick Release Wet End Head Assembly – easy tube change out
  • Housing Material – rugged ABS plastic chemically resistant
  • Gear Assembly – all metal gear parts, insures long life
  • Wide Variety of Tube Materials – Norprene, Viton or acid resist Fluran
  • Computer Generated Head Design – reduces wear points on roller assemblies
  • Few Moving Parts – long life, guaranteed free of workmanship defects for 2 years
  • Widely Available – local authorized Pulsafeeder distributors

Common Products for Swimming Pool Water Treatment:


Typical applications are acids, caustics, polymers, bleaches, pH control, solvents, dyes/ink, catalyst, cleaning agents, and much more.

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Designed for Water Conditioning.

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Typical applications are water treatment, cooling towers, swimming pools, boilers, agriculture, laundries, carwashes, livestock, metal finishing, warewashing, waste treatment facilities.

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