The MicroVision Controller series features innovative Toroidal sensor technology. Toroidal sensors are not susceptible to fouling and eliminate the need for routine cleaning and calibration. MicroVision is designed specifically for cooling tower applications.

The MicroVision Timer is a microprocessor-based selectable timer controller. Designed specifically for timer based control applications, MicroVision Timer comes with the features and functions needed for accurate timer-based control.

The MicroVision Boiler Controller delivers comprehensive boiler water control with 'plug & play' simplicity, at an outstanding value. The MicroVision Boiler is configured specifically for boiler water control and utilizes intuitive software which provides simple set-up, while providing state of the art maintenance of the water in your boiler.

The MicroVision Condensate Controller delivers condensate return monitoring with a reliable and accurate temperature compensated conductivity probe. 

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